Empowering Communities – At CSG Recruit we believe that Education is the catalyst for social change and transforming lives for the better.


Every year we contribute a portion of our income to Bethel High School situated in North West Province. The school was established in 1888 and during the years Bethel has transformed from a teachers training college to a girls only school (from 1993).  The school is responsible for empowering girls to expand their intellectual horizons and realise their dreams. Bethel High School thrives for excellence and has a history of high performance and success.


CSG Recruit is proud to be associated with this fine institution.


We believe that it is important to give back to the local community. CSG Recruit has for a number of years shown commitment to this belief by organising and running the CSG Recruit Academy which is an annual Golf Day to raise funds for an extremely worthwhile cause – offering learners from a disadvantaged community an opportunity to further their education by financially supporting them through tertiary qualifications of their choice.


CSG Recruit sponsors one learner every year by offering guidance and mentorship through this process to ensure the chosen person has the best chance of succeeding with their studies. This opportunity would not be available to them without the backing of the Academy so we take great pride in how this initiative makes a real impact in the lives of those who desperately need a helping hand.


CSG Recruiters believe in the urgent need for social change within our communities