Empowering Communities – At CSG Recruit we believe that Education is the catalyst for social change and transforming lives for the better.


Every year we contribute a portion of our income to Bethel High School situated in North West Province. The school was established in 1888 and during the years Bethel has transformed from a teachers training college to a girls only school (from 1993).  The school is responsible for empowering girls to expand their intellectual horizons and realise their dreams. Bethel High School thrives for excellence and has a history of high performance and success.


CSG Recruit is proud to be associated with this fine institution.


Hope | Upliftment | Skills | Health

The HUSH Project (Hope | Upliftment | Skills | Health) is an initiative that addresses training and skills development in remote areas in South Africa. Learning centres and facilities in many parts of South Africa are non-existent. The communities in these areas are often at a disadvantage by not being skilled enough and ready to enter the work place, thus limiting their opportunity to earn a living and take care of their families.


One such area that has benefited from the HUSH Project is Venda, and at the beginning of 2020, CSG sent Facilitators to engage with the tribal leaders and pastor to identify the training needs of the community. Thereafter, training was provided to a select group of candidates over a period of a week touching on basic skills of banking, business, life sciences & hygiene practices. The course has proven to be hugely successful, with candidates now having the confidence to seek employment. The HUSH project aims to provide further training within this area to promising candidates who showed entrepreneurial skills.

CSG Recruiters believe in the urgent need for social change within our communities